About Us

RealEstateMarketMaker.com (“the Site”) provides users with an easy to use self-service advertising platform for their real estate for sale and rent. RealEstateMarketMaker.com is owned by Prima Real Estate Holdings LLC, (“Prima”) a Florida corporation. Neither Prima nor the Site represents any advertisers, sellers, real estate salespeople, brokerages or buyers in any capacity unless explicitly stated.

Vendors on the Site may contact users if users opt-in. Real estate owners who are Sellers create an account to become Registered Users of the Site and can upload data about their real estate along with pictures, detailed description, and contact information.  Likewise, licensed real estate salespeople and brokerages, who have been contracted by real estate owners to list and market an owner’s real estate may also use this platform to advertise the Seller’s real estate.  Other licensed real estate salespeople who participate in a listing service and who are legally allowed to advertise real estate listed with another brokerage may also advertise here, provided that they display the name the listing brokerage.  Wholesalers who have a contract on real estate may also advertise here.


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